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Product Spotlight

Dressing Room Vanity - A Glam Transformation for Our Jitterbug Desk


Bold and Beautiful  

Hand painted artwork, lustrous jewel- tones, and classic design - our Jitterbug is teeming with eye-catching elements that make this furniture piece a real treasure. It takes just a little natural sunlight to show off the magic of our glassy paint treatment on the the drawers and surface top where color loves to ripple and shine. The Nu Tiki knobs 1.5" diameter with Swarovski light sapphire crystals are the perfect embellishment to accent the soft blue in the cascading petals and freckled pattern trim.

The Tweaks

It was a customer's vision that inspired us to create the ultimate furniture piece for her dressing room. She was perusing our furniture gallery when she spotted a Jitterbug desk that reminded her of the colorful splash of wallpaper in her adjoining bathroom.

We made a few modifications to the design reducing the width from 60" to 52" and changed the rear legs to a straight configuration so it could sit flush against the wall. We kept the deep file drawer that is concealed by a 2 door facade because it offered good storage for dressing room paraphernalia. 

A Must Go With

Yes it was coincidence that the vibrant blue fringe and magenta paisleys of our one-of-a-kind Jaipur throw pillow matched the vanity spot on. The customer's gotta have it and plans to use it with a vanity stool to complete the ensemble.

Hot and Sexy!

There's something about a bright pink that speaks young and modern. This vibrant fuchsia color takes a classic Queen Anne cabriole leg to a whole new dimension, adding excitement, whimsy and a little sexiness to the piece. The light sapphire crystal brings on the glam! 

Sleeping on a Bed of Roses...Truly!

Imagine! How dreamy is this? Our Barcelona low footboard bed gets a spring time color scheme with shades of pink, lilac, periwinkle, and wispy strokes of minty green. The artwork focuses on a stylized burst of roses popping up on the bedposts, center panels and the headboard medallion. The bed is a bespoke project for a designer who [...]

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New Color Introductions Are Popping Up Throughout Our Collections

Hardly Ho-humOur dynamic paint treatments take the mundane switch cover to a whole new level of design. That's the way we like to describe our pearl white beveled glass switch plates, a much requested addition to our palette of jewel-tone colors. There's no need to settle for a plastic switch cover when you can give your decor [...]

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New Design, New Color Mix - Inventing a Cabinet Knob with Matching Pull

A Challenge for the Color Chef.When a designer requested a bespoke decorative hardware treatment for a master bath and bedroom project, she provided samples of the tile floor, upholstery and carpet. Rich in color, pattern and texture, we were surprised and a little dismayed that her samples did not quite match our stock colors. So [...]

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Revamp a Lamp!

Lamp Tops wth Style At first glance, they may look like exotic charms to dangle from a bracelet or outrageous baubles to wear on an index finger. It's easy to see how these unique sparkling jewel-like accessories can dress up a lamp. Our lamp finials are precious little sculptures fashioned with jewel-tone colors, shimmering Swarovski crystals [...]

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Dazzling Hardware is the Bathroom Star

Doing Something DifferentMost customer special requests involve substituting colors of our hardware components. Be it a knob or a switch cover, changing the metal details from gold to silver or swapping out an amethyst for an olivine crystal can be just the right tweak to match the room's decor. But occasionally we actually make modifications [...]

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Switching Out Switch Covers

Fancy Switch Plates Made to OrderPeruse our gallery of switch covers and you'll discover a wonderful and diverse array of color schemes available in multiple configurations, But what to do when you can't find one to match your decor? Susan Goldstick has always been renown for custom finishes. It's our specialty and an option we [...]

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Knobs and Pulls at Sea!

AHOY! A kitchen galley aboard a cabin cruiser in Orange County, California gets a makeover with Susan Goldstick knobs and pulls! Zeroing in on the blue green tones from artwork around the vessel and taking a cue from the jelly bean red kitchen faucet, a color scheme was born. Then of course selecting decorative hardware had it's [...]

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When Jewel Tone Colors Get a Taste of Provence

        Not Your Typical Rubies and EmeraldsIt's not often when we get a request for a custom painted cabinet in a soft pastel color scheme. Needless to say it's exciting to see how easily our jewel tone colors translate into this lustrous light color palette. In this instance our customer wanted a special piece to [...]

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Flecks and Specks -Terrazzo Inspired Designs are In!

Created in ancient times, terrazzo is an ancient material composed of rock and marble that became popular in the mid-century.  It was used primarily with flooring seen in many public buildings, schools, courthouses and the like, But today you see this design motif popping up on all kinds of surfaces in home decor. Terrazzo has [...]

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