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Switching Out Switch Covers


Fancy Switch Plates Made to Order

Peruse our gallery of switch covers and you'll discover a wonderful and diverse array of color schemes available in multiple configurations, But what to do when you can't find one to match your decor? Susan Goldstick has always been renown for custom finishes. It's our specialty and an option we offer to our customers. So where do you start?

All of our fancy switch covers have 3 colorful components. In addition to the paint finish, every plate is embellished with decorative metals and Swarovski crystals. It's amazing to see how the slightest tweak such as changing the metal color from gold to silver gives the plate a whole different character. 

Not to be confused with our sculpted resin colors that make up our knobs, pulls and finials, Susan Goldstick's unique  paint finishes give our switch covers a magical shimmer that "waves" in the light. 

Crystal choices include crystal (or diamond), olivine, topaz and amethyst. The diamond-like crystal tends to give the plate a more dressy appearance and adds the most sparkle. It's wonderful for bathrooms and rooms with white cabinetry because the reflection of the crystal facets emits glimmering shades of white. Topaz and amethyst add elegance with a real jewel-like quality. Although the olivine crystal doesn't resemble a real gemstone, it's a beauty and combined with any of our paint finishes it adds a special decorative touch.

Corner embellishments add artistic flair and make the switch cover a little work of art. The decorative flowers on our bloomer plates and the shells on our Cleo plates are available in both gold and silver metal.

  These Bloomer Iris and Cleo Periwinkle outlet covers share the same paint finish in periwinkle purple with jade green trim. The different metal and crystal colors give each plate a distinct personality. 

Warm to cool - It's a slight difference with a big impact. The Bloomer duplex outlet is dressed in our very popular Cleo Amber Jade color combination with one exception. The gold metal details are swapped for silver. 

These Cleo single toggle switch covers were created for interior designer projects in 3 unique and elegant color combinations. The coral with agate brown trim is warm and earthy while the aqua and jade green trim has a contemporary vibe. The high contrast light gold paint finish with silver metal treatment is a striking color combination. 

It's a win win formula. Silver metal details, with silver trim and diamond like crystals can be combined with any of our jewel tone paint finishes and are very often used to complement bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances. These  Bloomer switch covers were created for designers and have been added to our  Fancy Switch Covers collection.

 To learn more about special orders see about custom orders

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