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Product Spotlight

Pretty Cool! Pretty Hot! --Changing the temperature of color schemes


Our Bolero buffet cabinet was originally designed as a versatile credenza, it's profile light and contemporary with a playful flair. From the very get-go, the curves and angles offered a creative platform to experiment with organic patterns and paint finishes rife with jewel-tone colors. The Tigress is one of our favorite color schemes fashioned after the tiger of course. Intense golds and copper orange co-mingle with high contrast black and silvery white in exciting patterns and paint applications. The result was bold, exotic and modern. Understandably it has become a popular choice among our customers. 

Turn up the Temperature

Although we specialize in bespoke color palettes, no one has ever requested a tweak to the Tigress until recently. A customer sent us a photo of her living room, where details focused on autumn saturated colors and warm wood tones. She knew the Tigress Bolero would be a welcome addition to her decor but couldn't help wondering if it may be a better companion if we swapped out the slivery tones for something in a gold hue. Amazing how one color change moves the mood of the color scheme from cool to warm, each with its own charismatic beauty and pizzazz!


Detail of Bolero tigress cabinets shows the "cool" silver and deep gold pattern on left and the "warm" sunset gold and deep gold pattern on the right.  

Creating limited edition merchandise - A dash of this and a dash of that..

    Getting started with Mr and Mrs CandleholdersSharing similaritiesThink about the day after a Thanksgiving dinner when you open the fridge, see all the enticing left overs and start to ponder all the wonderful things you can make out of turkey. Creating a new product evokes the same feelings. After all, mixed paints have a [...]

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Raising the Bar!

That's the way our Zinnia Orbit 7"pulls dressed up this elegant wet bar in a new home in Boca Raton. A savvy customer with a designer's eye for marrying color, texture and form hit the ball out of the park when she chose our decorative hardware for the finishing touch.  Focusing on the bronze and gunmetal [...]

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A Rumba One and A Rumba Two...

...We're not talking about a lively dance step, but the number of drawers, that characterize the design of our versatile end tables. Unique, colorful and sassy, our Rumba One Drawer and Rumba Two Drawer tables are evidence that a small piece of furniture can pack a lot of punch! Created originally as a component for our Barcelona bed [...]

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Four Distinct Bathroom Vanities and One Destination

All Under One RoofIt was an unusual project from the get-go when a sharp and savvy design team selected our Charisma sink cabinet for four guest bathrooms in one magnificent home. Each had their own unique measurements and were designated a theme with a distinctly different color story, named to coordinate with the wall papers, fabrics and [...]

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Dressing Room Vanity - A Glam Transformation for Our Jitterbug Desk

Bold and Beautiful  Hand painted artwork, lustrous jewel- tones, and classic design - our Jitterbug is teeming with eye-catching elements that make this furniture piece a real treasure. It takes just a little natural sunlight to show off the magic of our glassy paint treatment on the the drawers and surface top where color loves to [...]

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Sleeping on a Bed of Roses...Truly!

Imagine! How dreamy is this? Our Barcelona low footboard bed gets a spring time color scheme with shades of pink, lilac, periwinkle, and wispy strokes of minty green. The artwork focuses on a stylized burst of roses popping up on the bedposts, center panels and the headboard medallion. The bed is a bespoke project for a designer who [...]

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New Color Introductions Are Popping Up Throughout Our Collections

Old World CharmAn elegant wall paper is often the inspiration for a knob color scheme. In this swatch the golden hues have a metallic bronze quality while the red has a pinkish tint. The Mini Dahlia Sunset Gold knob 2" and the Nu Dahlia Sunset Gold knob 1.5" pick up the colors perfectly!Hardly Ho-humOur dynamic [...]

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New Design, New Color Mix - Inventing a Cabinet Knob with Matching Pull

A Challenge for the Color Chef.When a designer requested a bespoke decorative hardware treatment for a master bath and bedroom project, she provided samples of the tile floor, upholstery and carpet. Rich in color, pattern and texture, we were surprised and a little dismayed that her samples did not quite match our stock colors. So [...]

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Revamp a Lamp!

Lamp Tops wth Style At first glance, they may look like exotic charms to dangle from a bracelet or outrageous baubles to wear on an index finger. It's easy to see how these unique sparkling jewel-like accessories can dress up a lamp. Our lamp finials are precious little sculptures fashioned with jewel-tone colors, shimmering Swarovski crystals [...]

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