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A Rumba One and A Rumba Two...


...We're not talking about a lively dance step, but the number of drawers, that characterize the design of our versatile end tables. Unique, colorful and sassy, our Rumba One Drawer and Rumba Two Drawer tables are evidence that a small piece of furniture can pack a lot of punch! Created originally as a component for our Barcelona bed ensemble, the hand painted artwork is an extension of the headboard paint scheme. It is not only the perfect companion piece, but it also gives the illusion that the bed and nightstands are all one unit. It's a grand statement and a perfect way to complete the set and create a dramatic bedroom wall! 


Have a little fun with decorating. The two Rumba tables pictured above share the same color scheme with a different arrangement of color placement in the artwork and finishes. One is as eye catching as the other and a clever way to incorporate these whimsical end tables in a contemporary design scheme. 

Sharing Star Billing

Although our sculptural 2.5" diameter knobs tend to be the showstoppers, there's no doubt that our unique ripple paint finishes on the drawers and tabletop grab equal attention.

 Artistic Expression

The interpretation of our ribbon and petal artwork is truly the indicator that hand painted details are where you can really see and appreciate the painter's individuality. It's the ingredient that make's hand painted furniture so special! 

As is the case with all Susan Goldstick furniture, Rumba end tables can be customized in custom colors to match your decor and of course your favorite knob or pull!


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