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Pretty Cool! Pretty Hot! --Changing the temperature of color schemes


Our Bolero buffet cabinet was originally designed as a versatile credenza, it's profile light and contemporary with a playful flair. From the very get-go, the curves and angles offered a creative platform to experiment with organic patterns and paint finishes rife with jewel-tone colors. 

The Tigress is one of our favorite color schemes fashioned after the tiger of course. Intense golds and copper orange co-mingle with high contrast black and silvery white in exciting patterns and paint applications. The result was bold, exotic and modern. Understandably it has become a popular choice among our customers. 

Turn up the Temperature

Although we specialize in bespoke color palettes, no one has ever requested a tweak to the Tigress until recently. A customer sent us a photo of her living room, where details focused on autumn saturated colors and warm wood tones. 

She knew the Tigress Bolero would be a welcome addition to her decor but couldn't help wondering if it may be a better companion if we swapped out the slivery tones for something in a gold hue. Amazing how one color change moves the mood of the color scheme from cool to warm, each with its own charismatic beauty and pizzazz.


Detail of Bolero tigress cabinets shows the "cool" silver and deep gold pattern on left and the "warm" sunset gold and deep gold pattern on the right.  


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