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New Color Introductions Are Popping Up Throughout Our Collections


Old World Charm

An elegant wall paper is often the inspiration for a knob color scheme. In this swatch the golden hues have a metallic bronze quality while the red has a pinkish tint. The Mini Dahlia Sunset Gold knob 2" and the Nu Dahlia Sunset Gold knob 1.5" pick up the colors perfectly!

Hardly Ho-hum

Our dynamic paint treatments take the mundane switch cover to a whole new level of design. That's the way we like to describe our pearl white beveled glass switch plates, a much requested addition to our palette of jewel-tone colors. There's no need to settle for a plastic switch cover when you can give your decor the ultimate finishing touch. Remodeling or decorating a kitchen or bathroom? Our glass wall plates are absolutely elegant with glass backsplashes and ceramic tiles!

Lure of Metallics + Crystal

Our fancy switch plates just got a little bit fancier with the addition of 3 new color treatments combining gold metal details with subtle metallic hues including Rose Pewter, Mica Silver and Coppery Amber. Add brilliant crystals to the mix and the effect is oh... so rich!

Made for Each Other

As copper ages it turns to an exotic blue green color better known as verdigris. It's a luxurious presence of antiquity prominent in magnificent rooftops of temples, churches and castles. Taking a cue from this metallic phenomena, we created a new lamp color scheme combining copper with shades of verdigris and teal, which is the latest newcomer to our family of silk fabric lamp shades. It all comes together wonderfully in our Penny accent table lamp. 

When Blue Makes you Smile

There's nothing like waking up to a clear blue sky that makes you eager to greet the day. That was the overall feeling about adding Swarovski' s large light sapphire crystal to our line up of crystal colors. It instantly turns on a happy mood to the design of our new Mini Luna knob 2" diameter and the Luna Orbit pull 5" with 4" hole span. Combining warm golds with cool teal blue, moonstone gray and a lively brilliant light sapphire crystal has eye popping appeal! 

Freckles and Speckles

Metallic taupe adds a quiet yet dramatic beauty when paired with the freckled finish of this Petit Square #5 Sapphire knob 1.25"  and Style #10 Sapphire Orbit pull 5" with 4" hole span. Our special speckled paint treatment combines ocean and sky blue dappled with pearl. Both equally stunning, it's easy to see that the choice between the light smoke topaz crystal and the light sapphire crystal is a toss up! Pink Power!

From a soft petal pink to lush exotic fuchsia, pink is always a key player in a color scheme. It can be feminine. It can be romantic. It can be modern. It can be edgy. It's no wonder decorators are loving this color! Furniture, tiles, fabrics, wall coverings...you see it everywhere. So why not hardware? Pictured below are Mini Peony Light Emerald and Fuchsia knob2", Mini Kyle Light Gold and Fuchsia knob 2" and Mini Peony Alabaster and Fuchsia knob 2". 

A delicate speckled pink and pearl finish with metallic taupe give this Petit Square #5 Pink knob 1.25" and Style #10 Orbit Pink pull 5"with 4" hole span a contemporary and sophisticated quality. The Swarovski diamond-like crystal adds pizzazz!

A large spectrum of pink is playing a leading role in our furniture and lamp details.The Lolli Pink Accent Lamp has a lively carousel color scheme combining aqua with plum and amethyst purple topped with a sugary pink drum shade. 


Vibrant fuchsia is a standout on the cabriole legs of these Charisma bathroom vanity cabinets.  



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