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White Kitchen Gets Notice


Adding new hardware is an easy way to upgrade any kitchen due for a makeover. White cabinetry combined with our sparkling knobs and pulls, create a bright and uplifting venue. Our Style 6 Ruby knobs and pulls are the stars in this kitchen.


Note how we used the small  1.5 " diameter Nu Mini 6 knobs on the upper cabinet doors. On the lower cabinet units, we paired the right and left Eel 6 pulls on the doors and placed the 2" diameter Mini 6 knobs on the drawers.  


Before You Start Drilling

If your kitchen cabinetry is brand spanking new, you may have to drill the holes and need to decide where to put your knobs and pulls. This is a simple guide to kitchen hardware placement.

Knobs for upper kitchen wall cabinets are generally placed somewhere between 2.5" to 3" up from the lower corner of the cabinet door.  Following the same rule for the base cabinets, knobs are placed somewhere between 2.5" to 3" down from the upper corner of the cabinet door. If you're drilling the holes yourself, you may want to use a template available in most hardware stores.






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