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Product Spotlight

Petits - Our Littlest Wonders now have Pulls to Match!

Shutter doors, desks, jewelry armoires or any door or drawer with narrow paneling, are all spaces calling for small knobs. Decorate little drawers or add a delicate touch to furniture and cabinetry. Looking pretty precious and only 1" diameter,our Petits fit the bill. Created in our speckled jewel-tone paint finishes unique to the Petit collection, they're available in rounds. squares [...]

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Birdie - A Fine Specimen in any Size and Color

Diversity in the DetailsOur Birdie Finials have always been a favorite among designers who love to pepper a window treatment with colorful decorative hardware.The design has all the elements to inspire creative color solutions; unique jewel tone paint finishes,metallic details, crystals and a large faceted cabochon that has a magical effect with light and reflection.Our Birdie finials are offered in [...]

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Staying Power - Our Ever Popular Style 6 Knobs and Pulls

Round knobs, square knobs and an eclectic group of cabinet pulls have all been treated to a lavish dose of our Style 6 design scheme. There are plenty of decorating options when you combine the sizes and shapes or match knobs with pulls.  The Petit Square Style 6 knob (pictured right) has a special speckled finish [...]

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It's A New Hot Color for Knob Classics

It's not aqua. It's not turquoise.More like a Tiffany blue, it's a hue that speaks fashion and luxury. Popping up in wall finishes, textiles,and tiles, it's popularity is seen in today's interior design and home decor."Opal" is our interpretation of this fabulous color and the newest addition to our jewel tone palette. Silky,lustrous and pearl-like, it [...]

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Our Bloomers Continue to Flower

                     Violets and Ice They're the latest additions to our Bloomer collection of fancy switch covers.Bloomer Violet offers rich contrast, in a plum purple paint finish surrounded by silver trim and metal details with shimmering crystals.The Bloomer Ice delivers silver from top to bottom with just a hint [...]

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Gems with No Jewels? It's Tudor Knobs and Pulls!

        Stylish and colorful, lacking crystals but hardly lacking beauty, it's our jewel tone resin and paint finishes that are the main attraction with our Tudor collection.  Contemporary and sophisticated, our Tudor knobs and pulls are designed with an emphasis on fashionable color combinations and architectural form.  The gold and [...]

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Our Expanding Family of Tiki Cabinet Hardware

Offering more versatility and design options,The Nu Tiki Amber knob 1.5" diameter now has matching handles. Pictured in 4" with 3" hole span, the Tiki Amber Eel Left and Tiki Amber Eel Right cabinet pulls are also available in 4,.5" with 3.5" span and 5" with 4" span.. Created in jewel tone amber and light gold with touches of black, [...]

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