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Kitchen Remodel - Modern Gets a Touch of Whimsy



Before and After

It's not often we see a modern kitchen design that uses a mix of knob styles and colors. But this customer has designer talents written in her DNA. She was very deliberate about her choices and placement and most important, comfortable about her decisions. 

It's not an easy formula  Using a mix of styles with both knobs and pulls can complicate a clean modern design direction. But she stayed within specific parameters that ultimately gave the space a cohesive contemporary finish where the focus is on all the details.  

All of the knobs are what we call "kitchen friendly" since they have no points and all sparkle with crystals. She used a popular kitchen cabinet schematic installing the knobs on doors and the pulls on drawers. To assure the 2" diameter knobs wouldn't feel crowded where the cupboard doors meet, she had her shaker cabinets custom made with 3" raised panels. 

Realizing her vision. Choosing carefully

There's nothing random in this mix and match ensemble. Her hardware color scheme embodied an earthy palette that marries shades of orange, gold and green. She selected our 2" diameter knobs and 5" orbit pulls primarily in copper, amber, deep gold, light gold, emerald, jade and turquoise. Crystal colors in olivine, topaz and diamond are also part of the mix.It's a fabulous family of colors using MIni Duos, Mini Tikis and Congo Light knobs with Duchess Orbit pulls.


Using 2 different switch cover styles that mimic the wall finishes was clever and effective. She applied our emerald glass plates on the green glass subway tiles and our Cleo cast resin switch covers in emerald and deep gold on the painted walls. 

The monochromatic colors of the walls and switch covers is another way of keeping things from looking too busy and compromising the sleek design. 

Zig Zag

The dining room buffet cabinet displays an effective placement of alternating knob and pull styles. The Orbit Congo Light Jade pulls and the Orbit Ivy pulls cascade down the drawers in ski slalom fashion that echoes the movement of the graphic in the floor tiles. 


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