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Creating limited edition merchandise - A dash of this and a dash of that..



Getting started with Mr and Mrs Candleholders

Sharing similarities

Think about the day after a Thanksgiving dinner when you open the fridge, see all the enticing left overs and start to ponder all the wonderful things you can make out of turkey. Creating a new product evokes the same feelings. 

After all, mixed paints have a short life span just like food and there's always a little extra when a project is finished. This is how a custom color palette for a customer furniture piece finds its way into new merchandise.  

Science experiment

Casting finial parts with our lustrous pigments can be tricky. The colors are not always reliable and you have to do a test to see the results. So when I found a box of individual colorful finial castings, I knew this was going to be a challenge. There were no duplicates in the test group and therefore the notion of "pairs" became a stretch of the imagination. 

Doo Dads 

Finding a stash of discontinued metal accents and crystal sizes adds another layer to the process. Valuable and precious, these are the elements that will never get tossed away. An opportunity to use them in a new creation is always satisfying. 

The Reveal

The last step in creating a new product is taking a step back and evaluating how to market it. Throughout this project I referred to my new candle holders as "mix and match". They reminded me of little beings and then the name hit me. Voila - Mr and Mrs Candleholders! 


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