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Four Distinct Bathroom Vanities and One Destination


All Under One Roof

It was an unusual project from
the get-go when a sharp and savvy
design team selected our Charisma
sink cabinet for four guest bathrooms
in one magnificent home.

Each had their own unique
measurements and were designated
a theme with a distinctly different
color story, named to coordinate
with the wall papers, fabrics and
furnishings from the adjoining rooms.

Theater bath, Bird bath, Lexi's bath,
Moth Bath 
-- all a rich panoply of
stunning decorative details and
exotic color combinations,

Understanding the designer's 
vision was an exciting challenge
in determining the palette and
placement of paint treatments 
for each cabinet. 

Walls outside the theater powder room bath are decked with Cole & Son Cabaret wallpaper.-the inspiration for the powder room color scheme. Wow!

 The Seeds 

The designer provided mock-ups with an assortment of snippets that spelled out the color theme for each bathroom. This is the crucial information that was used to create the strike-offs. It's part of the procedure for any bespoke project and this is how a professional will often present their information. Although a mock-up is a great tool, we typically just ask for some samples of the room's decorative elements such as flooring, wall color, and tile. Our consultation with the customer is their opportunity to elaborate about the room details as well as their personal tastes and preferences. 

First Peek 

The strike-offs are little like a recipe that give the customer a taste of the ingredients with fantastic expectations of what is to come!. Paint finishes, color scheme and placement are the essential components of the strike-off. Many times we have a "six of one half dozen of the other situation" where we provide choices to allow the customer to select the treatment they prefer... Not easy but fun!


Quite a Family! 

All related and each with their own individual personality and charisma... yes that's why it's named the Charisma Vanity. Of course there's a few details we're anxious to see. Floors are an off-white tile and the counter tops will be finished with marble and quartz surfaces to be installed on the site. The Bird bath has a glass tile in bright yellow and although the cabinet will not have our special pulls, it's getting handles shaped like birds. A Harlequin wall paper sets the tone for the theater bath and the wallpaper in Lexi's bath is an abundance of pink flowers. Use your imagination! Can't wait to see photos!

Bird Guest Bathroom Sink Cabinet is a tropical paradise of colors.Lexi's Guest Bathroom Sink Cabinet is a spring time floral bouquet. 


Theater Guest Powder Room Sink Cabinet has a dramatic Punch and Judy liveliness.Moth Guest Bathroom Sink Cabinet is light and airy in pretty pastels. 


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