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Product Spotlight

"We are Fam-i-ly...

 ...I Got All My Sisters With Me"A lyric from a Sister Sledge song so easily describes how our knobs hang together so well.  Each knob is a little work of art; sculpted, painted and delicately handcrafted. Although design details will vary in color, metal accents and glimmering crystals, I'm always amazed that a group of distinctively [...]

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Tigress - Inspiration from the Tiger

Wavy Stripes and Sickle ShapesOur unique tigress artwork was born from the color scheme of a tiger pelt. Using a little poetic license, we applied jewel- tone gold and silver to mimic the animal's dramatic gold and white pattern.It wasn't long before we saw how much fun it was to translate our tigress into a fanciful array of [...]

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Big Stuff for Window Treatments -Jumbo Finials

Let it be Large!Two story windows and large spaces are ripe settings for impressive curtain treatments. Magnificent fabrics deserve to hang out with the best of the best.Decorative hardware with both beauty and presence is an important ingredient for creating fabulous windows. Our Jumbo style finials hit the mark for design, color and impact!Photo Left: Jumbo Isabella in [...]

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More Glam for the Home Office - a File Cabinet with Curvy Cabriole Legs!

More Than A Solution For Extra Storage                                                                                                  [...]

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Three ways to make up the Barcelona Bed

Truly a Work of ArtInspired by the genius of architect Antoni Gaudi, [...]

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Jitterbug Desk Gets a New "Olio" Treatment

  Fresh, Contemporary, Innovative   Our new Olio treatment is an   exotic mix of paint and wood stain   applications that all comes together   on the Jitterbug desk.   The emphasis is on color and pattern,   combining our signature paint finishes   with the beauty of natural wood grain.   What a combo!  [...]

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Charisma Bathroom Sink Cabinet - Have it your Way

   Decorating Options to Suit your Style  Selecting the perfect cabinet style, size, and   decorative hardware are all part of the design   process when choosing bathroom cabinetry.   Decisions decisions. And there's more...   Consider Your Needs  Flexibility to incorporate our colorful furniture in   your bathroom layout offers two distinct options.  It all depends on your [...]

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A Floral Flair for Finials

Favorite floral color schemes are blossoming in our Poppy, Marigold, Sunflower, Lily and Iris finials. Bring out the lively spirit of spring and summer in pretty pastels and shimmering crystals. Each finial is designed with metallic gold and silver petal details to coordinate with drapery rods painted in gold and silver. Finials fit both 1 3/8" and 2" diameter drapery rods and [...]

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New Grand Tiki Knobs Offer More Design Solutions

Our Grand Tiki cabinet hardware just got a little grander with the addition of 2" diameter knobs available in both gold and silver metal trim. Noted for it's swirly pattern of amber and soft jade green against a black background, the design is a choice pick for decorators who love animal print patterns and warm color [...]

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Plum, lilac, mauve...experimenting with purples

A new color treatment for our bloomer collection indulges purple lovers. Whereas our Iris color scheme pairs periwinkle purple with greens and golds and our Violet scheme combines a rich plum with metallic silver, our latest combo explores the soft side of purple. I named this new hue "shell" because it has just a whisper [...]

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