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How Glam! Posh Pillow Covers are dressed in Velvet Prints!


Luxurious textures, bold patterns and pops of color- They've got it all!

Delving into a new product concept is always a challenging venture. The latest additions to our line of Posh throw pillows introduces lush printed velvets as a key design element. Completely covered in velvet, one side offers a dramatic pattern while the flip side is a complementary solid color that peeks through a Karate chop wedge.  

The oversized 24 x 24 forms stuffed with feather and down offer extra impact especially on large furniture with low backs and definitely the starring focal point in decorative bedding. 

Pictured above is the Gotham pillow that combines black and bone with shades of gray and silver. The fabric has a shimmering quality that lends a dynamic feel to the pattern. 

The Soho pillow offers a modern twist on the polka dot motif. Wiggly ragged edged creamy circles are outlined in taupe and black amid a lush teal background. The flip side is also velvet in a hot rich shade of raspberry pink.

The Serengeti pillow adds a painterly feel to a zebra stripe scheme applying soft strokes of gray and silver blended with white. The black welt and magenta velvet pink on the flip side give it a dramatic modern flair.

The printed velvet on the Panama pillow is a work of art. A rainforest comes alive with an intricate landscape of monkeys, cockatiels, and butterflies amid climbing vines and snowy blooms.  The flip side is a solid golden velvet that echoes the accent colors of monkey fur and butterfly wings. The oversized 24 x 24 shape is surrounded by a silk loopy trim in rich forest green, gold and taupe.  

The Panama pillow is also available in 26 x 26 Lumbar pillow. Both forms are down and feather filled. 

A huge focus on the monkey and the bird make the rain forest life seem to come alive in the Panama lumbar pillow.

The Bora Bora throw pillow explores a tropical paradise taking us into a sea garden of hot pink anemone and golden star bursts. Abstract shapes in vibrant shades of aqua blue provide high contrast. This 24 x 24 pillow is framed with a golden welt. 


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