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Colors that Ripple and Wave



It's not only the crystals that shimmer in a Susan Goldstick design. Our special paint application that takes a jewel tone color from beautiful to magical is the unique ingredient that characterizes the finishes on our furniture, lamps and switch covers. The technique is complicated and like all our creations, it has the nature of handwriting that varies with the individual paint style of the artist that worked on the piece. Each is truly a signature work of art!


The interaction with changing light causes the paint gestures to wiggle and fluctuate in intensity depending on how the light hits it. Whether its deep, soft or heavily saturated, all colors from our jewel tone palette will behave in this unique fashion with our special touch. In the case of a glass switch cover, the addition of a bevel cut can make the color appear to be glowing from the depths of the plate.  

Forever Beautiful

All paint lusters essentially become more subdued with age, taking on a quieter tone. But our special paint treatment wears the test of time in a different way. Never altering it's step, the finish will be doing it's dance to the tune of the light for years to come. A treasure that maintains it's beauty and character can be appreciated with any decorating style from traditional to contemporary. That's the way we like it.


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