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When Jewel Tone Colors Get a Taste of Provence





Not Your Typical Rubies and Emeralds

It's not often when we get a request for a
custom painted cabinet in a soft pastel color scheme.
Needless to say it's exciting to see how easily our 
jewel tone colors translate into this lustrous light
color palette. In this instance our customer wanted
a special piece to accent a nook in her kitchen
decorated in a country french theme.

Voila! A New Compact Bolero Profile

She loved our Bolero cabinet that has all the
bells and whistles one could want in a versatile
furniture piece. A bank of drawers flanked by
doors that conceal adjustable shelves all
comes together in a cabinet designed with
angled corners and curvy cabriole legs.
In order to accommodate her space, we had to
alter the design when we downsized the piece
from 60" to 42" and were extremely pleased
to see this new Bolero cabinet design. 

Soft and Silky

The color palette is composed of a light sapphire
blue with shell pink and light periwinkle purple.The golden yellow on the door trim and legs offers a bright contrast
Nu lily knobs 1.5" diameter add a delicate touch.

Fit for the Nook - The original Bolero profile is shown in the cabinet on the right. Not only did we modify the width of the cabinet, but we also changed the depth from 22" to 18". Straightening out the back legs assured a neat flush fit next to the wall. 


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