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Revamp a Lamp!


Lamp Tops wth Style 

At first glance, they may look like exotic charms to dangle from a bracelet or outrageous baubles to wear on an index finger. It's easy to see how these unique sparkling jewel-like accessories can dress up a lamp. Our lamp finials are precious little sculptures fashioned with jewel-tone colors, shimmering Swarovski crystals and exotic beads-- all the basics of a Susan Goldstick creation! They're a mix of fanciful, contemporary and modern styles,- each designed to coordinate with a specific lamp from our collection. Now available for purchase in our web store, imagine one of these beautiful little finials can be just the perfect accent for a lamp makeover.  


Worthy Tips for these Toppers

Ranging from 1.5" - 3.5" h, you can choose from a sweet variety of styles and color combinations. Not to worry about the fit, since Industry standards assure that all lamp harps have the same screw insert. However it is important to note the drop of the fitter on the shade. In most cases the fitter is just an inch from the top. But in some situations it  may be recessed more than an inch, as with our slender bell shapes (see above). In this instance you'll want to use a shade riser so your beautiful finial looms over the top of the lamp. Shade risers are available at hardware stores in a variety of sizes. Our bell shades have a 2" drop and we attach a 1 1/2" riser to the harp. 

Speaking of Shades...

Select shades from our colorful collection of dupioni silks can also be purchased separately. When replacing a lamp shade, it's important to look at the dimensions of the existing shade. You need to measure the top, bottom and height. If we don't have the right size for your lamp, please contact us. It can be custom ordered and generally takes up to 5 weeks. So there you have it. Lamp finials and colorful silk shades - two significant components in lamp design. 


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