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New Design, New Color Mix - Inventing a Cabinet Knob with Matching Pull


A Challenge for the Color Chef.

When a designer requested a bespoke decorative hardware treatment for a master bath and bedroom project, she provided samples of the tile floor, upholstery and carpet. Rich in color, pattern and texture, we were surprised and a little dismayed that her samples did not quite match our stock colors. So lo and behold we put on our lab hats and started mixing and testing colors formulas and palettes. The results had spot on appeal. We created a deep shade of teal blue that picked up the color in the fabric and a gunmetal silver hue with a slight bluish tinge. In this case we also tested a new crystal color. Swarovski's light sapphire blue is both quiet and exciting, suggesting the mood and flavor of the room's decorative accents. 

But There's More... 

Color was just the first part of the challenge. The designer was also decorating with Susan Goldstick knobs and pulls in the kitchen and breakfast room. She wanted to be sure that each room had it's own distinct hardware.  So using some of our favorite hardware components we designed knobs and matching pulls dressed in our new color mixes.

We combined some of the elements of our Tiki designs with the new teal blue color and antique silver for a 2" diameter  knob and 5" bundle pull. The knob on the right focuses on Swarovski's large light sapphire crystal and we did something we rarely do, mixing both gold and silver metal details. In the top photo we created a new version of our Bloomer style in a 7" orbit pull and 2" diameter knob with bronze, antique silver and a small diamond like crystal. Now it will be up to the designer and her client to choose the winning combination. 

Just Like a Candy Store

The kitchen and breakfast room project posed a whole different ball game. There's a lot of gorgeous details going on in this kitchen from the Schumacher banquette fabric to the glass tile backsplash. The color scheme is rich, lively and teeming with color options from our jewel tone cache. Copper, amber, bronze, jade, light gold, aqua, mocha...they were all up for grabs, not to mention smoke topaz and olivine crystals. Unlike the master bedroom suite, there were so many wonderful choices, it was hard to select the winners. But luckily the designer gave us some guidance as she noted her preference for an emphasis on the copper and golden hues. 

Slight Modification Makes a Large Impact

We wanted to create a design that focused on a large crystal. So we reinvented our duchess knob and 5" orbit pull by utilizing a large crystal showing her two different color options. The light smoke topaz was a sure hit. Now we can't wait to see the hardware installed on the cabinets painted in antique white. It's sure to be magnificent!

The Duchess Orbit pull and knob in coral and jade have a small crystal for a pop of shimmer. A change in crystal size and color give the design a completely different vibe. 


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