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Knobs and Pulls at Sea!


AHOY! A kitchen galley aboard a cabin cruiser in Orange County, California gets a makeover with Susan Goldstick knobs and pulls! 

Zeroing in on the blue green tones from artwork around the vessel and taking a cue from the jelly bean red kitchen faucet, a color scheme was born. Then of course selecting decorative hardware had it's own unusual criteria. 

Choosing a style with slight projection and no protruding points was an important consideration for the narrow space that leads from the dining banquette up to and into the galley kitchen. 



Little pops of red proved to be the perfect way to accent the cabinetry with Style 6 Ruby Eel pulls and matching Style 6 Ruby knobs 1.5" diameter. The facets from the diamond-like crystals emit a dazzling white reflection that complements the white drawers and doors while the asymmetry of the eel pulls adds a little playfulness. It's all in good company with a dolphin sculpture and pelican wall painting  - keeping the mood light, bright and happy!


As so often happens with interior decorating, it's the artwork that helps determine the direction of the overall color scheme. In this instance a mix media pelican wall hanging played a starring role. The touch of red on all the cabinetry and decorative accents is a brilliant complement to the sea foam blues and greens.Check out the dish towel. It maps it all out perfectly! A mermaid etched leaded glass door shows a joie de vivre and an appreciation for arty decor!



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