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Flecks and Specks -Terrazzo Inspired Designs are In!


Created in ancient times, terrazzo is an ancient material composed of rock and marble that became popular in the mid-century.  It was used primarily with flooring seen in many public buildings, schools, courthouses and the like, But today you see this design motif popping up on all kinds of surfaces in home decor. Terrazzo has certainly been a fascination and inspiration for Susan Goldstick that's found throughout our collections. It's an exciting element that has emerged in the paint finishes on our furniture, lamps and occasionally even a cabinet knob! 

A Susan Goldstick Spin on Terrazzo 

Little snippets of rock-like shapes surrounded by a sea of rippling color is a dynamic paint finish that has emerged in many of our furniture pieces, as depicted in the corner piece of the Mirage bookcase and Olio file cabinet.

A looser interpretation of a terrazzo pattern shows sparsely placed shapes buried within rippling color on the legs of the Ritz media cabinet. Exotic pinwheels are randomly strewn about on a painted canvas. Note how the eye is tricked into seeing the design as one singular image as opposed to focusing on the individual forms.

Jewel tone pebbles and flecks of color feel playful and carefree on the Heather lamp and the Splash Citrine Gold Leaf Led Candlestick.


Terrazzo design takes the form of floating circles in our smoke ring pattern on this Jitterbug desk. Freckles and pebbles add dramatic touches on the Charisma vanity frame and cabriole leg. 

More of our signature "smoke ring" terrazzo finishes have a contemporary vibe when combined with exotic weathered textures and modern color schemes as displayed in the Cubee and Olio lamps.

Even cabinet hardware gets a terrazzo treatment. This Grand Tiki Orbit pull and Grand Tiki Mini knob have a fractured fanciful paint finish in lapis blue and lush pink. 


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