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Dazzling Hardware is the Bathroom Star


Doing Something Different

Most customer special requests involve substituting colors of our hardware components. Be it a knob or a switch cover, changing the metal details from gold to silver or swapping out an amethyst for an olivine crystal can be just the right tweak to match the room's decor. But occasionally we actually make modifications to the design. Such was the case with this bathroom remodel project. The customer had used our Mini Tiki knobs and pulls in her kitchen and wanted something different for the bathroom. 

 She zeroed in on our Tudor knobs and pulls (pictured above), one of our few designs that  is void of crystals.  The emphasis is on the jewel tone color combinations and the metal details. She also really wanted to use our asymmetrical eel pulls that are designed with a right and left configuration. It's the perfect accent for bathroom cabinetry with pairs of doors and drawers.

Spot On

In this instance the customer had selected shaker white cabinetry and white subway tiles with chrome fixtures and khaki tinted floor tiles. The counter top has specks in tones of clay, taupe and light slate green. She specifically said she wanted the knobs and pulls to be the "stars" in the bathroom. So that was the mission and and there's no doubt that was the end result


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